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Hello I'm Lenny Ben Basat and I'm a musician, composer, arranger and record producer, residing in the ancient and beautiful city of Jaffa, in Tel Aviv, Israel.

I'm the Owner and CEO of LennyTunes production house and studio.

Over the last 20 years, this became my main platform to compose, record, arrange and produce music, and to develop exciting new creative ventures.

As a musician, working in an ever-growing ever-changing markets, I feel blessed and extremely fortunate.

I thrive to be an enabler to my fellow musicians as much as possible, to support my clients in bringing an idea into fruition and develop creative products in the most beautiful, exciting and professional way.


I enjoy infusing middle eastern and African Rhythms, instruments and musicality with contemporary music and cutting edge techniques.

I mostly work on music production for long play records & EPs for artists, live shows and film scores. this encompasses everything from creating and managing a budget, conceptualizing and composing, to arranging, recording, mixing, post producing and branding.

Among some of my work credits, are albums and composed songs for successful artists in Israel and Europe. I have also been developing music software, and teaching music technology and musical production in "Shenkar College of Engineering, Design and Art" in Tel Aviv.

I'm creating, composing and producing music for movies, tv, theater and animation series.

I've been working closely with production companies and leading labels, such as NMC, Helicon (Israel), Sony, Universal, Gaumont (France), Nilento (Sweden), Anzak (UK), Kitty-Yo (Berlin) and netd müzik (Turkey).

LennyTunes & prettygood! - Inner Child

Composing, arranging, producing, playing and mixing.

LennyTunes & Nova Kyota  - Tov Shebat

Composing, arranging, producing, playing and mixing.

LennyTunes - Sweet Ranin

Composing, arranging, producing, playing and mixing.

LennyTunes & Shalom Mor- Gandagana

Arranging, producing, playing and mixing.

Hagar & LennyTunes-  Album and Show

Composing, arranging, producing, playing and mixing.

Hagar & LennyTunes- 

Shoofoo Ya Nas

Composing, arranging, producing, playing and mixing.

Avishai Cohen- 

When I'm Falling

Arranging, producing, synth, percussion and additional drums.

LennyTunes-Film Grain LP

An ambient collage of reel-to-reel tape loops, enchanted acoustic pianos and alpha waves calibrated analog synthesizers.

The Bellydance Superstars- 


Sets out to highlight the soulful music and oriental vibes of the 60s and 70s clubs of my hometown, Jaffa. The album was made with the original instruments of the period, played through a time vortex from the future. It is a love letter to my city.

The Bellydance Superstars- 

Live Show

A celebration of Middle Eastern soul music which will stimulate your senses. Straight from the night clubs of nostalgic Jaffa. 

More about the show - 

Avishai Cohen- 
A Moment In Time

Arranging, producing and playing.

Yaara Shaulian - HaGaagua Shel Penelope

Arranging, producing, playing and mixing.

Yaara Shaulian -
Hof Ahava

Arranging, producing, playing and mixing.

Yaara Shaulilan-

Arranging, producing, playing and mixing.

Simge - Miş Miş


Le Sens de la fête

Scoring, recording and mixing the French film by blockbuster directors Olivier Nakash and Eric Toledano.

Riff Cohen- A Paris 

Arranging and producing.

Riff Cohen- J'aime


Avishai Cohen- 
Teivat Hazimra Nifredet

Arranging, producing and mixing.

Nechi Nech - Li Ve La 

Arranging, production, percussion, keyboards and programming.

Quarter to Africa

Producing and mixing.

Avishai Cohen -
Shuvi Elay

Arranging, producing and mixing.

Noam Rotem-
Ole Ve Yored

Arranging, producing, playing and mixing.

Mika Karni-

Arranging, producing and mixing.



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